For some Android nerds (myself included, I confess), Ingress is the sole reason to get out and actually move. The innovative location-based game from Google’s Niantic Labs has become quite popular, so we’re pretty confident that this report will interest lots of people.

A small update has been pushed to Ingress, bringing the app version to 1.18.1. There is nothing groundbreaking in the new version of the game (no new features), but the slew of small improvements should make your Ingress experience nicer.

Google has worked to solve “many bug fixes” but also improved the user interface and memory usage and even the “XMP explosion animation”. If you’re phone features a Snapdragon chip with an Adreno GPU, you should notice improved resume times, which will surely allow you to better fight those pesky Resistance agents (go Enlightened!).

If your pet peeve is the Ingress bug that makes portal shields almost invisible on the map… well, you’ll just have to put up with it, as the bug is still a “known issue”.

Ingress is still in close beta, but if you haven’t scored an invite yet, just look for “ingressinvite” on Google+ for a way to get one (be warned, it usually takes a little creativity).

Who’s playing Ingress here?

Bogdan Petrovan

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