Ingress is one of the most immersive AR games to have ever been made, featuring a rich story and an excellent gameplay experience. Unfortunately, Ingress is currently still in beta, and is invite only. If you are looking for your chance to try Ingress out, Google’s Niantic Labs has announced that level 6 or higher players will now be able to invite one lucky new player to the game.

Don’t have a friend that is already playing? Time to start cozying up to someone who plays the game, or there is always good old fashioned bribery.

For existing players, having an invite that you can give out to people you personally know is great news. The more players in your area, the more enjoyable the game will become and means you won’t be stuck running around by yourself all the time. This is especially true in smaller cities where you might currently be the only player.

If you don’t know what Ingress is, you probably have been hiding under a rock for a really long time, so welcome back to the grid. The game centers around the idea that there is “ exotic matter” (aka XM) just waiting to be collected out there in the real world, we just can’t see it. Using your phone or tablet, you can collect XM and use it to harness portals. There are two different factions struggling to keep control over these portals, the Enlightened and the Resistance.

Again, the storyline and gameplay is great in Ingress but what really makes it so much fun is that it gets you out and about in the real world, interacting with actual locations in the process.

Andrew Grush
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