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Today, Niantic Labs brought its alternate reality game Ingress out of beta, finally releasing the game for all Android users who want a chance to play.

To celebrate the end of the beta period, Niantic held a special event called #13Magnus which had players from across the world working together towards one of two common goals. The event saw players creating portals all across the globe to transport shards of the man known as Roland Jarvis, the self-proclaimed ruler of the Enlightened Faction, to one of two locations.

Light show - Jarvis Appears Niantic

Players could either work to bring the shards to San Francisco to resurrect Jarvis, or to Buenos Aires to destroy him forever. Those who stand with the Enlightened faction wanted to save Jarvis, while those who stand with the Resistance sought to destroy him. In the end, the Enlightened Faction won, resurrecting Jarvis in San Francisco.

New players can now jump into the game with a fresh story like what they’d find at the beginning of a new season in a TV show. With luck, Niantic Labs will inform the players of any story developments in the ARG (Alternate Reality Game) that they missed that may be pertinent to the current story.

Excited Players_BA Niantic

Those who participated in the beta and reached level five before December 14 will receive a special badge called “The Founder Medal” when they next launch the app. The end of beta also means the contest to find the Ingress Elite V contest is over, and the top five players in the beta will get a chance to see a behind-the-scenes tour of the world.

Ingress is available now in the Google Play Store for free.

Are you excited to try to science-fiction alternate reality game?