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InFoto: Quick and easy infographic about your shutterbug habits

June 22, 2012

Not all users are familiar with their phone’s hardware and specifications. Most of the time, users don’t bother to check them out or even take notice of the many things that their device can do. For tech junkies and hardware enthusiasts, however, knowing what your device is capable of and how you’re using your device is important. That’s where benchmarking comes in.

The Google Play Store is chock full of benchmarking applications that each serve a specific purpose. For those of you who really care about getting hardcore information, here’s an app that is designed to get information about your camera usage.

If you’re a photography enthusiast, you’ll love being able to track your camera habits and usage. InFoto will gather data such as when, where, and what orientation you take your photos and present it to you in an infographic. InFoto is similar to the iOS app, Photo Stats.

InFoto takes relevant information like the most captured images on your device, the locations where you took your picture, what time of the day you love snapping a shot, and the screen orientation that you prefer taking shots with. You’ll then be given a carefully illustrated infographic that you can easily understand.

On the app’s homescreen, you will have the ability to generate infographics from scratch or take a look at your previous one. As soon as InFoto is done gathering information and processing your images, it then shows you a slide of graphical information illustrating your habits.

On the first slide, you will be shown the locations where you’ve used your camera the most.  From here, you can navigate to another slide by swiping left or right to check out other data that the app has in store for you.

The next slide shows your top cities where you have taken photos, followed by your favorite time for taking photos, favorite orientation in taking shots, percentage of photos that have used flash, and the your favorite photo size together with the equivalent ISO value.

Sharing your personal infographic with other members is easy and all you need to do is select the relevant slide you wish to share and send via email or by other means.

If you’re an avid fan of learning new ideas and discoveries through infographics, then InFoto will definitely meet your expectations. The app’s graphics are eye-catching but the data it presents are also very useful to shutterbugs.

If you’re just a budding photographer and you’d like to know some detailed information on your shutterbug habits, then InFoto is definitely worth your time. Download InFoto Free at the Google Play Store absolutely free. You can also support the developer by purchasing InFoto‘s pro version.