Tired of the same old stock calendar on your Android phone? Look no further than Infinity Calendar, an app that will spice up that dull-looking calendar of yours into one inspiring board of wisdom.

Infinity Calendar is not your ordinary calendar because it brings a host of features not found in many calendar apps on the Google Play Store. The app supports full customization for both Google Calendar and MS Exchange Calendar. In addition to fetching and synchronizing your data in multiple accounts, the app can also track down national holidays depending on the country you are currently residing.

Infinity Calendar also lets you define holiday categories to help you keep you tabs on specific dates. Lastly, the app has a handy little widget that stays on your homescreen to help you keep track of any upcoming events for the next seven days.

Judging by the app’s user interface, Infinity Calendar breaks away from the traditional look of most calendar apps on the market. Infinity Calendar has a simple interface with an extensive line of customization options for users to configure.

Users will be surprised by how Infinity Calendar synchronizes with Google Calendar without suffering lags, compared to the stock calendar that tends to synchronize prematurely. With that feature alone, Infinity Calendar is already a strong contender for replacing the default Calendar app on many Android devices.

Users living in the United States will surely love how Infinity Calendar fetches national holiday data and display them on the calendar with related icons. Although not all holidays are being featured just yet, the developer promises that holidays from other nations will be ported on the next update. But, if you still can’t wait you can always create a custom holiday database of your own.

Other things that you can do on the app’s main preference screen is configuring the Calendar Settings. You can select default calendars depending on your account and can also modify the app’s notification setting and control just about everything, even the calendar UI.

Calendar Control

Speaking of control, you can also tinker with every setting of the app such as text color, week cell color, or even the day highlighted color. This feature is pretty much useful for easy referencing and categorizing planned events.

On the main calendar home screen, you will find a month view showing all the synced upcoming events. Holidays and pre-defined events are also shown, each with its own cell and related icon.

Swiping across the screen lets you switch between months, whereas selecting a cell will reveal all the important details of the event like notes, location, and other relevant data. To add an event, just select new event and add important data like the event title, duration, description, location, recurrence, reminder, and holiday category.

Infinity Calendar is available on the Google Play Store for free. You can also disable the ads by paying a relatively small fee. The app requires users to run Android 2.2 or higher.

Paul Nuñal
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