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Indie app of the day - Zofari

Today's indie app of the day is called Zofari. It's a city guide app that helps you find the best restaurants and entertainment in your general vicinity.
March 7, 2014
indie app of the day
indie app of the day

What is Zofari?

Zofari is a new application that helps you find fun things to do in your general area. It’s not unlike many travel apps you’ve seen before like TripAdvisor or Kayak except that it focuses more on recommendations rather than just listing things that are near you. It can be handy for travelers or even if you’re into finding new stuff in your city.

The app itself looks really nice. It uses a lot of the same design cues that catapulted apps like Cal Calendar into the public view. When moving around the app, everything seems to be in the right spot although we wish the instructions on how to use the app were a little more clear. It’s not difficult to use, but the app works in a different way than most apps. Instead of searching for things you want, you’re supposed to search for things you like and then the app delivers results based on that. So don’t go trying to use this app to find your local Taco Bell or you might get confused.

Once you get the hang of the app, it’s actually quite enjoyable to use. You can find anything from restaurants and bars to live music and other forms of entertainment. The interface remains consistent across the entire app so everything begins to look familiar in a short period of time. Zofair also has a number of stations that come with the app so you can see stuff quickly such as live music. They are also great guidelines for seeing what kind of stuff you can search for.

The most unique part of this app is how it stores your searches. Instead of just saving a search, the app will create a station. Each station carries with it a set of preferences about things that you like. So if you search for “a good burger joint” it will create the good burger joint station. No matter where you are, you can activate that station and it’ll find stuff that fits that description wherever you are. So this is definitely an amazing app for people who travel.

Like any app, Zofari does have its problems. The performance is a little lacking. Even on a Galaxy Note 3 the app has a tendency to lag doing what seems to be simple tasks. Combine that with the unique way this app works and the lack of detailed instructions and the first five or ten minutes with this app can be truly frustrating. Also, it said there were no Taco Bell locations in my area, so it’s blatantly obvious that the app still has a long way to go before everything gets indexed for search and discovery.

The only other problem that I could find is that not every city is present. Most big cities are there but if you don’t live in a state capital or an otherwise big town you won’t have much use for this app. Zofari appears to be available to users in North America only for now. We hope that’s only a temporary thing.

indie app of the day

Final thoughts

All in all, Zofari has good bones but it doesn’t yet feel like a complete app. It’s an awesome idea because discovery apps and exploration apps are getting more and more popular. I’ve no doubt that one day in the future after the bugs are fixed and more places are supported that this app will be considered a must have. If you don’t mind the hiccups that come with early adoption, this is a good app to have around if only to play with every now

Get it on Google Play
and then. It’s free in the Google Play Store and that’s always a plus. If you travel frequently or you’re into apps like this, then we recommend you give a download and check it out.