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Indie app of the day - Smash Hit

Today's indie app of the day is Smash Hit. In this infinite runner you throw balls to smash glass. It's addictive, fun, and it looks gorgeous.
March 10, 2014
indie app of the day smash hit
indie app of the day smash hit

What is Smash Hit?

A few days ago the blogosphere was on fire with news that Smash Hit came to Android. Smash Hit is an infinite runner game. Unlike most infinite runner games, you do not lose by taking a hit but rather by running out of balls. The premise is dead simple. You toss balls at various items and objects made out of glass. In this instance, the balls double as both your ammo and your life total. So use them wisely.

There are two main kinds of objects. The first are obstacles that you must break through to avoid taking a hit that include both various shapes of glass and doors. If you run into them you lose 10 balls. The second type of object are little glass pyramids that you must break in order to obtain more balls. So the idea is this: you break the pyramids to get more balls then use those balls to break through obstacles. The game progresses, travel gets faster, the number of obstacles increase while the number of pyramids both decrease and become better hidden to prevent you from finding them. There is also a power called “infinite ball” where you can throw unlimited balls for a limited time.

The first impression when opening this game is how fantastic everything looks. Smash Hit sports a modern design with muted colors and the visual affects can only be described as highly enjoyable eye candy. If Willy Wonka had a glass making factory, we imagine that this is what it’d look like. It boasts 50 levels with 11 different graphic styles and during our testing we managed to see four of them. Considering the entire game is really nothing more than glass, mist, and polygons, we were impressed with how everything looked.

There are a myriad of other features as well. Google Play Games services is available for those who want to get achievements and check leader boards. There are a few options including the ability to select your graphics setting. We highly recommend that you play it on full graphics (most devices should be able to handle it) because it looks the best that way. There is a single in-app purchase to buy the premium game. With premium you get statistics, cloud saves, and the ability to resume games you had to suddenly leave.

indie app of the day Smash Hit

Final thoughts

In this day and age you simply don’t expect infinite runners to look at good as Smash Hit. Thanks to titles like Temple Run and One Epic Knight, we’re used to seeing titles that are cartoon-y and goofy. Smash Hit delivers essentially the same experience of avoiding obstacles and collecting points, but does so with a more mature and sleek look.

The game is free to play in the Play Store right now and you can get 90% of the experience in the free version. The premium version is $1.99 and since that is the only way you can resume games

Get it on Google Play
or save games, it’s $1.99 worth spending if you intend on keeping this game on your device for any period of time. As usual, if you want to check it out, click the button to proceed.