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Indie app of the day - Per-App Modes

Today's indie app of the day is called Per-App Mode. It's a root application that lets you determine your CPU behavior on a per-app basis.
March 11, 2014

What is Per-App Modes?

While most of our indie app of day selections are for everyone, every now and then we get a request for a root app that’s actually pretty fantastic. One of the earliest and most popular modifications root users could make was overclocking, undervolting, and otherwise controlling their devices’ CPUs for better performance and better battery. With Per-App Modes, you can now create custom CPU profiles for every app that you have. Do note that this app does tinker with your hardware and that means your mileage may vary. Also, Android Authority is not responsible if something goes wrong with your device.

Here’s how this app works. It allows you to create custom profiles for each application on your device. Within each profile you can control things like maximum and minimum CPU frequency, GPU frequency, and a number of other “tunable” variables. So one example the app description gave was the ability to turn your CPU and GPU way down while reading a book to help conserve battery life since reading a book doesn’t require a lot of processing power. Or you can set your profile to max out everything when playing an intense game for maximum performance. Once you get in there and start playing, the possibilities are massive.

The list of variables you can alter is actually quite large and if you’re having problems getting the full list to show up, the video in the app description does a good job of showing you how to add them to the list. It’s a bit complicated if you’re not used to rooting around the file system of an Android device but once you see how it’s done it’s actually quite simple to do.

Once you have defined profiles, you can then set those profiles to individual apps. So if you have one profile you want to use for multiple apps, you can set them that way. So let’s say you create a profile for very light games that take very few resources –as shown in the video above– you can apply them to all of the light games so you don’t have to create and set a profile for each one individually. This can save a lot of time.

The only potential issue with using Per-App Modes is not knowing or understanding what each variable actually does. Some of them are pretty obvious like CPU and GPU frequency while others may not be so familiar to those who are not so tech savvy. It is highly recommended you find out what each “tunable” does before you use it. In most cases a simple Google search will bring up an explanation that should help out.

indie app of the day per-app modes

Final thoughts

The bottom line is this: every hardcore root user in the entire Android ecosystem waited years to have an app like this. The ability to control your device’s hardware to do something specific on every application is a tweaker’s dream come true. If you’re a member of our root user audience, it’s highly recommended that you give it a fair shake. It’s also noteworthy that it’s developed by Francisco Franco who has been a guest here at Android Authority before. He’s a known and trusted developer.

Aside from the inherent risk of running any root app that tinkers with your hardware the app appears to be very solid. Also, if you’re new to rooting and don’t know the terms and variables, it’s highly recommended that you do your research before

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attempting to use this app. Otherwise, it’s recommended that root users who want the ultimate control over their system on a per-app basis. Click the button to check it out.