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Indie app of the day - Multitasking

Each day we'll find an awesome indie app for you try out to show off the indie side of the Play Store. Today's indie app of the day is Multitasking.
March 5, 2014
Multitasking 1
We here at Android Authority get a lot of requests to review applications. Every now and then it’s from a big developer that everyone knows but we also get a lot of requests from indie developers. So in this new segment, we’ll highlight at least one brand new app from an indie developer every day to show you there’s more to the Google Play Store than the top 100 list. Today’s indie app of the day is called Multitasking.

Multitasking 2

What is Multitasking?

Multitasking is a new application from developer OryonCorp that allows you to use Android in a manner that you would use a desktop. By that we mean you can open applications in windows and then move them, minimize (hide) them, maximize, resize, and pretty much everything else you can do with applications on desktop operating systems like Windows and OSX. Multitasking allows you to run multiple applications in multiple windows and each window can be individually managed.

That’s pretty much it. It’s a very simple application that can be used in a lot of ways. It’s relatively quick which is always a plus and there are some settings to tweak your experience if you need to. Some of the features may be lost on smaller smartphones because having a lot of windows on a small screen can cause clutter and be a little confusing. Where the app can really be utilized is on a tablet. Tablets have the screen real estate to allow for multiple windows without so much clutter.

There is one big caveat to this application and it’s integrated apps. The browser, weather, video, etc apps are all built into the application and do not utilize the apps you have on your phone currently. So if you want the browser to open Chrome and the notepad to open Evernote, you are out of luck at least for the time being. This actually isn’t completely the fault of the developer.

Many apps require special APIs to be run in a floating window and many either don’t have them or don’t provide them to developers. Until that problem gets fixed, you’ll many floating window apps with built-in tools instead of using applications already present on the device. This can be a major turn off for some.

Multitasking 3

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, this is a pretty unique twist on a floating windows application. Having the launch bar popping out on the left side is a nice touch and for the most part the app works pretty well. User reviews have pointed out some issues like camera issues and some force closes here and there but those issues tend to be device specific. It also employs a coin system that a few people don’t really like.

If you have the time and you’re looking for something different, it’s worth a try. We don’t imagine a revolution starting with this app but if you want to open a quick no-frills browser window and a calculator window all

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without closing out of your messaging app, an app like Multitasking is one we’d recommend you use. It’s free to try in the Google Play Store right now. Just click the button to get started.