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Indie app of the day - GalaxyTRIS

Today's indie app of the day is called GalaxyTRIS - A quick-to-play little game where you navigate through Tetris-themed levels as quickly as possible.
March 19, 2014

What is GalaxyTRIS?

Today’s indie app of the day is a nifty little time waster called GalaxyTRIS. In this quick-to-play title you control a little ball that floats around through Tetris-themed levels while you collect crystals to earn points. The object is to get the most points possible in the smallest amount of time.

With this game you get simple but colorful graphics and fast paced game play. The object is to move the little ball around obstacles to prevent losing while maintaining a fast pace and collecting points. You control the ball using your finger and you can control the speed using the arrows in the bottom left. It won’t win any Design of the Year awards but you can tell the developer didn’t just copy/paste some royalty free graphics into this title.

For the game itself, there are 60 levels that are accompanied by bonus rounds. There are destructible blocks, player leveling, and several types of obstacles. There are also Google Play Games services baked in with a leaderboard system and achievements.

The game is still relatively new so the user base is still very small. So far, people who have played the game have enjoyed it and no outstanding issues or device compatibility issues have been reported. We’re sure there are some bugs somewhere but we couldn’t find them.

Indie app of the day - GalaxyTRIS

Wrap up

Overall, this is a fun little game. It’s costs $0.99USD to buy but there is a demo available so you can try it first. The demo is the full game with only the normal difficulty unlocked and the paid version having two additional difficulties. This is obviously not a full featured game and is meant to be a time waster. That said, it’s actually pretty fun. If you want to give it a shot, click the button!

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