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Indie app of the day - Fishing Paradise 3D

Each day we browse through the indie app scene and find a fun app for you to try! Today's indie app of the day is Fishing Paradise 3D.
March 6, 2014
Fishing Paradise 3D indie app
Fishing Paradise 3D indie app

What is Fishing Paradise 3D?

Fishing Paradise 3D is an indie app where you go fishing. The mechanics are fairly simple. You cast your line into the water then use the reel to bring in fish. The challenge is getting the fish without snapping the line. Thankfully, this can be quite challenging and you won’t be able to master this game until you unlock all the best stuff.

The graphics and extra content is where this app really shines. There are multiple locations and all of them look really good. The graphics are vibrant and colorful and looking at this game is truly enjoyable. There are a myriad of locations around the world so you can play on the Great Lakes in North America if you so choose or the Mekong river in Southeast Asia if you prefer. There are many other locations too and according to the app description there are over 50 species of fish.

Outside of the graphics and game play, there is actually a surprising amount of stuff to do. There are places to unlock, equipment to unlock, and you can even create your own lake stocked with your own fish. According to user reviews, the game can last a surprisingly long time because there are so many things to do.

No app is perfect, though. There are a few things about the app that people may not like. There are in-app purchases which has the potential to make people unhappy. Included also is a limit to how many times you can play at a time and then you must wait until you recharge to fish again. During my limited testing, I didn’t find this so much of a problem but again there are many who don’t enjoy limitations like that. Lastly, we can see the game play getting a little tedious as the game play is a bit repetitive.

Fishing Paradise 3D indie app

Final thoughts

Fishing Paradise 3D has already done pretty well for itself. It garners a 4.2 rating in the Google Play Store and has more than half a million downloads. That’s really not bad at all. What few imperfections the apps doesn’t seem to be making its current players angry in the slightest which is always a good sign. Even so, we do think the app could use a little bit of polish.

That said, there are more good things about this game than bad. It has awesome graphics and a lot of content. If this looks like something you’d be interested in, click the button right there. It’s almost Spring (in the northern

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hemisphere anyway) and a lot of people can’t wait for the outdoor activities to commence. This game is a nice way to stave off the last few weeks of winter until you can go fishing yourself.