inbox android tablets

Inbox is still technically in beta, but Google is now expanding its availability to more users by opening up access and extending compatibility to Android tablets and iPads.

Starting today, you will be able to install Google’s “smart” email app on any Android tablet. There aren’t any big differences in terms of user interface – in fact, you are presented with roughly the same UI present on smartphones, just laid out in a wider format. Folders, settings and the like are accessible via the menu button on the left, though it’s a bit odd that the app isn’t making better use of the screen real estate.

The update should make it easier to adopt Inbox full time, regardless of what combination of devices you use. Google has also extended the compatibility of the Inbox web app to Firefox and Safari, in addition to Chrome, which has been supported from the beginning.

In contrast to the limited rollout from Inbox’ early days, Google is now dispensing invitations to the service quite liberally. Just write to to get yours.