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IN 5 Productivity Tool - Indie app of the day

Today's indie app of the day is called IN 5 Productivity Tool. This unique browser puts your browsing on a timer so you can get back to work on time.
April 11, 2014

What is IN 5: Productivity Tool?

indie app of the day
IN 5 Productivity Tool is a unique kind of web browser that has the unusual focus of getting you out of your web browser and back to work. The idea is wildly simple. Instead of letting you browser for as long as you want, IN 5 puts a timer on your browsing session. When the timer is up, the browser closes, purges your history and cache, and sends you back to work.

There are two versions of IN 5. The free version has all of the features but it is ad supported. If you decide to pay the $1.04 for the pro version, you’ll remove the ads and have first dibs on future updates. The good news is you’ll get all the features with either the free or paid version so you can try out the full experience first before buying it.

The premise for IN 5 is very simple. It is a web browser and it does web browser things but it’s not meant to replace your default browser. Instead, you use it while you’re at work or while performing any other time sensitive activity to help regulate your browsing time. This is great for people who open a web browser page to read an article and end up spending 45 minutes on the internet. You can open the app and start on Google or you can open links from various social media sites, email, or other sources. The choice is yours.

Once you’re in the web browser, the timer will start. Once the timer hits zero, you’ll see the message “GG. Back to work” and the browser will close. You can adjust the timer if you so choose and as a browser it seems to function fairly well. It also includes usage statistics for your browsing sessions and gives you a pretty good idea just how long you spend doing things online.

What’s wrong with this app?

If there are any issues, people haven’t found them yet. The Google Play rating is 4.7 currently with the pro version rocking a 5.0. IN 5 is still fairly new so there are likely issues present that people just haven’t found yet. The developers seem adept at fixing bugs as they’ve released at least two updates to fix bugs that no one in their user reviews were complaining about. The only potential non-bug problem is for people with slow internet connections as they’ll likely struggle to get any real browsing done in the allotted time thanks to poor connection speed.

IN 5 Productivity Tool

Final thoughts

IN 5 is a very unique application. It is definitely helpful for those who know they lack the self control to turn the browser off and go back to work and it could be helpful for those who thought they were in control but waste more time than they knew. It isn’t a full featured web browser so don’t expect it to replace Chrome, Firefox, Dolphin, Opera, etc. This app is meant as an augment to web browsing, not as a replacement. If you’re interested, click the button below to head to the Play Store.

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