Say goodbye to your messy photo gallery and say hello to better-organized and automatically sorted photos courtesy of Impala, an app that uses computer vision technology to help you categorize your photos.

First released as an iOS-exclusive app and now available for free on the Google Play Store, Impala scans all photos on your device, tries to determine what’s on the photos, and sorts them accordingly.

So, if it sees food in a photo, it will automatically place it in an album for the food photos. Cats have their own album, too. And so on.


Smart camera

The Impala app doubles as a smart camera that scans and categorizes, in real time, the image that you are capturing.  It can also automatically apply filters, depending on the category of the picture that you are taking.

“The app offers three filters: One for persons, one for architecture, and one for food. The filters applied depends on the photo category. More filters may become available as in-app purchases in future,” said Harro Stokman, founder and CEO of Euvision Technologies.


Quick scanning

Scan time varies. For sure, the number of photos to scan, as well as the configuration of your Android device, will affect the scan time. On an HTC One with 135 Full HD photos, Impala took about 2 minutes to completely scan and classify the photos.

The app accurately recognized all of my food photos and placed them under the Food category. Screenshots and images with text were appropriately grouped under the Text category. Group photos and photos with friends were sent to the Friends category. Other categories include Outdoor Shots, Indoor Shots, Cats, and more.


Amusing mistakes

Although the app sorted my photos fairly accurately, it mistakenly categorized some of them, often with amusing results.

For example, my photo of Bugdroid in a Nativity scene was mistakenly recognized as a food photo — poor Android robot and poor Baby Jesus both dumped into the same album as our pasta, macaroons, and other delights.

Mistakes like these, however, can be corrected by tapping on the photo and selecting Remove.


Commercial software

The Impala app is actually a lighter, stripped-down version of commercial software developed by Euvision Technologies. The company has licensed the commercial version of its computer vision software to third-party clients such as social network sites to help the latter in moderating photos. The Netherlands police also uses the technology in its operations for tracking down child abuse photos.

Have you tried this new Android app? Does it recognize and sort your photos accurately? Share your experiences with us.

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