With the different instant messaging platforms around, users might find it too cumbersome to maintain several IM clients for each account. Apps like Imo greatly help in reducing clutter by letting users communicate from just a single client. The developers of Imo are trying to improve the user experience even further through their latest app update.

While Imo earlier featured a predominantly white and light blue-themed interface, the latest update brings the app closer to the stock Android experience. The latest update has a darker user interface with red accents, with the conversation view in a white background. In addition to swiping left and right to switch across views, the app now features a pull-out menu tab that’s becoming popular in social networking apps today.

The new update is actually reminiscent of the Google+ app in terms of UI, although it does offer some functional improvements over the previous release. For instance, there are improvements to the Imo network profile page, which lets users add interests, professional affiliations, and the like.

Active chats are now included in the same screen as the contacts, which reduces the need to switch back and forth. The new contact list is sometimes difficult to scroll through, though, especially if you already have a lot of contacts.

As a long-time Imo user, I have mixed feelings with the update. It’s a positive change, since the developers have tried to improve the user experience for better productivity. On the other hand, having been used to the previous UI for some time now, this takes a bit of adjustment.

Imo is available as a free download on Google Play (source link below). The app enables logging in from any of the supported networks — Google Talk, Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, Facebook chat and more. Users are given the option to link multiple accounts, after which one can simply login to a single account to gain access to the whole set. The app remembers linked accounts, and you can actually access everything from alternative devices, too.

With Imo, you can login to the imo.im site on a desktop browser and your linked accounts are likewise accessible there. Users can log into multiple accounts, too, which means you can run two separate Skype usernames. The internal Imo network can also be used for voice calls and friend discovery.

Cross-platform chatting is a great boon for folks who want to communicate with correspondents on different networks, but do not necessarily want to be bogged down by multiple clients. Imo works on desktop, Android, iOS and even other platforms like Symbian S60. Check it out now.

J. Angelo Racoma
J. Angelo Racoma has written extensively about mobile, social media, enterprise apps and startups. Angelo develops business case studies for Microsoft enterprise platforms, and is also co-founder at WorkSmartr, a small outsourcing team that offers digital content and marketing services.