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Imagination Technologies unveils new PowerVR GPUs

Imagination Technology has unveiled a refresh to its PowerVR Series6 range of GPUs, the new high-end 6XT and entry level 6XE.
January 8, 2014
Imagination Technologies

Imagination Technologies has announced some new additions to its PowerVR Series6 range of GPUs. You might recall the PowerVR Series5 from Samsung’s Exynos 5 Octa or Apple’s A6 chip. The 6XT is an architectural upgrade to the current Series6 range, whilst the 6XE line-up forms a selection of low tier GPUs where costs need to be kept low.

PowerVR 6XT

The 6XT range is a moderate upgrade to the previous Series6 architecture, focusing on power and performance optimizations rather than a complete architectural overhaul. Energy consumption will be lower than the previous generation due to improved power gating, by switching off various parts of the GPU when resources aren’t being used. Imagination Technologies is also claiming a 50% boost to performance over the previous iteration, which probably indicates a clock speed increase too.

Feature wise, the 6XT upgrade throws in support for various new compression technologies to help improve performance, including ASTC, PVRTC, and ETC. However without an architecture overall, graphics API support is set to say the same, the 6XT will still be using OpenGL ES 3.0 and DirextX10.

PowerVR Series6XT

The Series6XT range will be split into 4 new parts, the GX6240, GX6250, GX6450, and GX6650, with the GX6650 taking top spot on the performance table, without adding in any new graphics clusters. There’s the potential for the 6XT series to go wide in search of more power in the future.

PowerVR 6XE

Imagination Technologies’ new 6XE lands at the other end of the performance spectrum, aiming to provide affordable low-end graphics tech. The 6XE range is based on the same architecture as the rest of the series, but with fewer compute clusters and some missing features.

The G6060 and G6060 come in at the bottom of the Series6 line-up, sporting just half a compute cluster found in the old low-end designs. While the G6110 offers a slight performance boost over the older low end G6100 chip.

The PowerVR 6XT and 6XE are likely to appear sometime in 2015.