Nokia Normandy

What’s claimed to be a shot of the Normandy, Nokia’s Android-powered smartphone, has popped up on Weibo.

The image below was published the Chinese micro-blogging service Weibo by user @palmuncle and then tweeted by @evleaks, the notoriously leaker who first broke news of the Normandy late last year. @evleaks’ endorsement is, of course, no guarantee that the image is real and that the Normandy is ever going to hit the stores, but that seems increasingly probable.

The image itself doesn’t tell us much about the Normandy beyond what we’ve already known from the renders that have leaked in the past.The arrow button is specific to Asha handsets, and it’s not clear if the final product (if there will ever be one) will retain it.

Last week we got a peek at Nokia’s implementation of Android, which grafts design elements from Windows Phone onto the structure of Google’s OS.

Rumors out of Nokia have been contradictory up to this point – initially, Microsoft was said to be hostile to the idea, but a report in December suggested the Normandy might live on, even after Microsoft takes the reins at Nokia.

Bottom line, all we know for sure is that Nokia has indeed worked on an Android device in 2013. Will the Normandy ever become a reality? It’s hard to say, even with all these supposed leaks. Even if Nokia is still pursuing the project, Microsoft could kill it without much fuss, despite some calls to embrace – and disrupt – Android.

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