Android smartphones and tablets are so last year! Now, more and more manufacturers are coming up with smaller Android powered devices, such as a wristwatch. Apart from the Sony SmartWatch, there is another manufacturer that has joined this new trend.

I’m Watch for Android is now available to users who want functionality while on the go. The watch not only comes as a stylish twist to everyday time wear , it is also a Bluetooth connected watch that lets its user do all the usual things with a smartphone; such as make calls and check his emails.

We’ve heard that the I’m Watch for Android will be sold in different color options and strap materials. Thus, it will also have a varying price range starting from $350. Designed in Italy, the current version of I’m Watch for Android runs an outdated OS, the Android 1.6. But hopefully, its manufacturers realize that they have used an obsolete OS on the device which many will find a waste of money.