Being people together is one of the main uses of the Internet. It does this by various means, whether it be via e-mail, internet forums or video calls. Internet messengers are popular programs that help facilitate online conversations and, as a result, one of the more popular ways that people can get in touch with each other. There are several internet messaging programs – and each of them can only connect with each other. This can be a pain when it comes to organizing things when your friends use several different ones to contact each other. This is why IM+ exists. It gathers up all of your current messaging clients under one umbrella and just hooks you up to the Internet on all of them. It’s been quite a popular application. However, like all apps, it isn’t perfect and its developers just released the latest version,v4.1.5, that has a ton of bug fixes and new features.

Here’s just a few of these added features:
  • VKontakte and Yandex IM networks added to the client pool.
  • Additional emoticons.
  • Access to Android Address Book.
  • Better UI, optimized for smaller displays.
  • Added ability to disable notifications in the status bar and a new DND status message.
  • Localization for the Japanese market.
  • Performance has been optimized, along with a lot of bugs fixed.

Right now, IM+ comes in two versions. One is a free version supported by ads and a $9.99 pro version. Hop on over to the Android Market to download either and try the app out for yourself.

Aerol Bibat
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