Always make sure to protect your privacy. In this digital age, this means setting powerful passwords and carefully picking codes that should be impossible for other people to figure out. Unless you’ve memorized them by heart or you’ve written them down somewhere, we might have the tendency of forgetting complicated passwords.

Unfortunately, your phone wasn’t built to tolerate multiple failures to input the correct code and you might find yourself locked out. Today we’re introducing you to an alternative to unlocking your phone without having to memorize a series of letters or numbers.

Introducing iLockit Lock Screen. Developed by Appsolute Security LLC, iLockit Lock Screen is an app that doesn’t ask for your password. Instead, the app replaces your lock screen with an image of your choosing and requests for a pattern to unlock your device. Do away with memorizing numbers and passwords because the app lets you pick an image you can graphically relate to.

Users can select an image from their gallery and can create any pattern by placing iLockit’s 4 pattern tools on the image. iLockit Lock Screen was built specifically to be intuitive to use and to give you an added layer of protection.

To begin, pick an image; it can be of your pet, or of a book you’ve got lying around–whatever you like. If your image needs rotating, iLockit Lock Screen lets you do just that before you set your pattern of choice. You’ll then be brought to the next screen with a row of tools at the bottom. This is where you can define your pattern.

You have the choice of using Tap to unlock your phone by tapping on any part of the image, to Hold any point on the image for a predetermined amount of time, cutting across the Trip line on the image or pressing two different parts of the image using the Multi tool. Your unlock pattern can be a combination of the tools you’ve got at your disposal.

Patterns can be very simple, with only one step, or you could make your patterns difficult so you can be assured that no one else can unlock your phone. Tap a certain point and hold down on another point for a certain number of seconds. If you want to make things even more complicated, put a trip line somewhere for you to cut.

Once you’ve decided on the unlock tool of your choice, the tools disappear and all you’re left with is your picture and the secret of how to unlock your phone when you’re in a pinch. Now, whenever you want to unlock your screen, you’ll be shown the image you’ve chosen and you can unlock your phone using your pattern.

Some Android device users might be disappointed to know that iLockit Lock Screen is not yet compatible with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. There have also been some users who’ve noted that when they first downloaded iLockit Lock Screen, there were no specific instructions on how to set the patterns.  The developer has not mentioned when users can expect the app to be available for Ice Cream Sandwich but the video below should help new users on how to set their own patterns on their chosen lock screen image.

If you want to give yourself an intuitive and easy way to unlock your phone that only you know, get iLockit Lock Screen for your Android device today. It costs US$0.99 and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.