Do you want to know what it feels like to be the biggest revenue gainer out of all the top semiconductor firms in 2012? And not only that, but also jump a full three levels up to land in 3rd place overall and beat mainstays such as Toshiba and Texas Instruments?

If you really want to know what it’s like, just ask Qualcomm. According to the latest industry report from IHS iSuppli, that’s exactly what it went through this year. And it looks like the future will remain bright for Qualcomm in terms of further revenue growth, at least for now.

If you look at the relevant iSuppli report, you will find that the numbers pretty much speak for themselves. Qualcomm’s performance this year has been quite exceptional. It made the biggest jump in terms of revenue out of all the firms that are listed in the industry Top 20, gaining 27.2% in the span of only one year, while many other firms are struggling. Qualcomm’s performance has been so impressive that it prompted iSuppli senior director Dale Ford to liken it to discovering “an oasis of growth in the desert.”

IHS iSuppli top semiconductor manufacturers

IHS iSuppli top semiconductor manufacturers

Just how badly are the other firms doing, anyway? Not that bad, actually; Panasonic is the only one that fell out of the Top 20 with revenues falling 13%. And there are a number of other companies that also made some revenue gains–Sony, NXP, and NVIDIA, to name a few. But most of the semiconductor market’s players are starting to show signs of weakness. The iSuppli report even mentions that many outfits will see revenues go down at the rate of double digits throughout this year.

In short, it’s not a good year to be in the semiconductor market unless you’re Intel, Samsung, or, of course, Qualcomm. The fabless chip maker fought a hard battle to achieve the kind of ubiquity that it now enjoys, so no matter what happens, one thing is for certain: it deserves every bit of success that it gets.

The question is now, how long will it take until Qualcomm, along with Samsung, starts to chip away at Intel’s colossal semiconductor industry revenues? That’ll surely be something to look forward to.

David Gonzales
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