Here’s one reason why people shouldn’t underestimate the Windows Phone: experts think that in just three years, Windows will be making a huge step ahead of Apple’s iOS platform. Thankfully, predictions say that Android will still be number one.

This prediction was made by more than several analyst groups already but this is the most recent one made by IHS iSuppli’s Wayne Lam. According to him, the market share of the Windows Phone will peak at 16.7%.

This might be a prediction that’s hard to accept, especially since Microsoft’s platform was only able to get a 1.9% market share at the end of 2011. But then again, considering the fact that we are starting to spot some Windows Phone powered Nokia devices, it might turn things around for both companies. Perhaps this is the reason why almost everyone is crediting Nokia for the Windows Phone’s boost in the market.

Going back to the earlier assumption made about iOS’s standing in 2015, IHS believes that Apple will be dropping from its 2011 18.0% market share to just 16.6% in 2015.

Android, however, has been predicted to keep growing—even with a slow grow as compared to the Windows Phone. But still, this is good news for Android as IHS foresees Android to climb from 47% market share in 2011 to 58% in just three years.

Most importantly though, IHS predicted that the mobile industry will be dominated by smartphones—whether it’s that of the iOS, Windows Phone, or Android platform.