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iHome launches cheap line of Android accessories, to start selling right away

The IC50 charger feature a stereo FM radio and alarm clock
April 21, 2012

No matter if you are a fan of Apple’s iPhones and iPads or an Android geek that can’t even stand to hear about that fruit company, you’ve probably heard of iHome at some point. Associated exclusively with Apple until now, the accessory manufacturer has finally decided to throw us Android enthusiasts a bone, announcing the launch of its first three devices designed to work with Google-powered smartphones and tablets.

The first of the trio, the IC50, is a “space saver FM stereo alarm clock radio” and should draw your attention with an innovative sliding micro-USB connector. The sliding fixture allows you to easily connect pretty much any Android smartphone to the accessory, regardless where the micro-USB port is located on your handheld.

ihome android slider

The IC50 is an elegant charging solution for your phone, but, at the same time, a cool FM radio with EXB bass enhancement and pretty terrific sound. The device was initially put up for sale on iHome’s official website for $59.99, but it has disappeared without a trace, after only a few hours.

We have no idea why that is, but if you’re interested in the IC50, you can still get it from Amazon for just $49.99. There’s also an iHome Sleep app to wake you up in style or to help you sleep while listening to music, available for free on Google Play.

The second iHome accessory for Android devices is another cool, elegant, multifunctional, and affordable device. The iC3 functions as a portable stand, stereo speaker, and charging dock and should itself work with pretty much any Android-based smartphone or tablet out there.

This accessory doesn’t come with a clock or a radio, but the Reson8 speaker chambers promise a sweet sound experience, generous bass, and decent volumes for such a small device. Available for $39.99 from Amazon, the iC3 has itself mysteriously disappeared from iHome’s official website just hours after its release.

iHome will have a third accessory dedicated to Android devices launching pretty soon, called the iC16. Set to be made available sometime this summer, the “portable alarm clock stereo speaker with USB charging” will retail for $59.99. While pretty much offering all the functionality of the iC50, the iC16 should be significantly lighter and more portable, being targeted towards road warriors.

There’s no way to know at the moment if these three launches are part of a wider Android strategy for iHome or if they will remain the only Android accessories for the time being, but, as far as I’m concerned, this is a pretty good start. I would like to see some bigger, better, and more innovative docks for Android products from iHome as soon as possible, but, for the time being, let’s hope that these three accessories will become popular enough to make manufacturers push on this market niche some more.

How about it, guys? Are you interested in any of these three accessories from iHome? Why? Why not?