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iGrill from iOS remotely monitors food temperatures; now available for Android

The iGrill is an already popular item among iOS users. It uses Bluetooth enabled thermometers to monitor your food temperature. Then, it sends that information to the included monitor, and you can then view it on your smartphone. After a few years, the product has finally made its big Android debut.
October 28, 2012
For most people, cooking food is something you have to do. Making dinner for your family, preparing breakfast before work, all these things are pretty mandatory. However, there are people out there who love to cook. From summer time grilling gurus to BBQ fanatics and even pastry chefs, food can be fun for a lot of people. There is a product originally for iOS called iGrill that wants to be your friend in the kitchen. Now it’s available for Android.

The iGrill is a very unique item if you enjoy cooking. The premise of the product is that you can remotely monitor the temperature of whatever you’re cooking. So be it a steak on the grill or a cake in the oven, you’ll know the exact temperature of your food. So you’re never in danger of over cooking your food.

How it works is the package comes with an application, a monitor, and a couple of thermometers. The thermometers and monitor are Bluetooth enabled. So you put the thermometer in the food, it reports to the monitor, which then reports directly to your phone.

It comes with two, so you can monitor the temperature in different parts of the item you’re cooking. Or, you can use the second one to measure the ambient temperature so you know how hot your cooking environment is.

So is the iGrill only for cooking aficionados?

In a way, yes. The typical person cooking food probably doesn’t have much use for a cooking thermometer. For people who like cooking, this could be a very handy tool. According to the iGrill’s official website, you can monitor practically anything you can cook.

The Android application was just launched today, so you can download that immediately if you will. Unfortunately, you have to buy the rest of the package. It retails for $79.99 and comes with two thermometers and the monitor.

You can also get an ambient temperature probe for an additional $19.99. The monitor comes in both black and white, so you kind of have color options. For the launch, iGrill is offering free shipping when you use the promo code “ITSHERE”.

Chefs and cooks out there, is this a product you could see yourself using? Let us know what you think about it in the comments.