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Ignore No More forces teens to call back their parents

Ignore No More is a new app that allows parents to lock their kids phones from most functions, forcing them to call back their parents to restore functionality.
August 18, 2014

While just about every teenager in the United States and other major markets has a smartphone or at least a ‘dumb’ phone these days, that doesn’t necessarily make it any easier for a parent to get a hold of their kids when they want to check in on them. After all, it’s pretty easy for a kid to simply ignore their parents and later say “oops, I didn’t hear you calling”.

That’s pretty much the situation one mother found herself in, and so she decided to do something about it. The end result was the creation of a new app called Ignore No More, which basically allows a parent to lock out their kid’s Android phone if they feel they are being ignored. After being ‘locked out’ the only thing that will work on the kid/teen’s device is a calling list with their parents and other approved contacts. As you’d expect, 911 is also still available.

The idea is that getting back full access to the phone means the kid will have to call their parent for a one-time-use code that will restore functionality. The app claims it is “virtually impossible” for a child to remove the app, likely using some kind of password security. Of course, an enterprising teenager can probably find ways around it (custom ROMs, rooting, etc). That said, parents who install this sort of thing should be sure to check once in a while to make sure their kids haven’t found a way to circumvent such measures.

For those interested in Ignore No More, you can find it on Google Play for $1.99. What do you think, like the idea or are such measures unnecessary?