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iFixit: Repair Manual -- Your one-stop Android app for repairing almost anything

July 18, 2012

Have you ever had an important conversation with someone but you were forced to call him or her back because your device malfunctioned? How about a time when your precious device broke just the day after its warranty expired?

If you’ve considered simply tearing your device apart and checking its circuits, then you’ve just met your best pal.

Whether you own a broken device, or fancy the art of repairing, or just plain curious about how things work or look when you tear them down, iFixit: Repair Manual will serve as your best guide in fixing almost everything.

The iFixit site provides you step-by-step methods for fixing broken things, along with vivid photos that serve as references. That way, you’ll be able to see how a single chip, as small as it could be, looks like.

You’d previously access iFixit through your desktop browser, but with the release of the official iFixit: Repair Manual app for Android, you can consult iFixit’s database of repair manuals even on your Android phone.  So, you no longer need to lug a laptop or shuttle back and forth to your desktop while fixing something. All you need to have is your mobile device, and you’re ready to go.

Some of the useful and interesting guides that you can find inside iFixit include MacBook repair manuals, iPod repair manuals, PC laptop repair manuals, Honda Accord repair manuals, dozens of digital camera repair manuals, hundreds of cell phone repair manuals, and many more.

These iFixit manuals give you categorized and step-by-step instructions for fixing broken things. For instance, if you have a broken camera, you can simply tap on the Camera category to check whether a manual is available for your camera.

The app offers the same information that you can find on iFixit’s website, so you have almost everything you need on hand, regardless of where you are. You don’t need to have a broken device just to check the available repair manuals.

Let’s say, you bought a new high-end device, but accidentally broke it right on first use. Wouldn’t you feel upset for wasting your money? That’s exactly why iFixit exists. It empowers you to fix things yourself, from the basic troubleshooting up to reassembling your device. If you’re keen enough, you’ll not only be fixing your things, you’ll also be educating yourself on how certain parts of your device work.

Though, arguably, the least risky way for fixing a broken device is to send it back to the manufacturer for servicing — if the device is still covered by warranty, that is.

The iFixit: Repair Manual app for Android is free, so you don’t need to spend anything to gain full access to this magnificent repair app.

So, if you’re the techy or the curious type who just wants to spend time learning how you could take your things apart, then iFixit: Repair Manual is definitely worth checking out.