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IFA 2013 Berlin day two – Mega round up!

September 5, 2013
LG Pad hands on IFA 2013 AA

With the dust settling somewhat from several huge announcements from Samsung, Sony and others yesterday, we look towards the announcements of the day, at IFA Berlin, 2013. We got to spend some more quality hands on time with Sony’s amazing QX Lenses, the bold and beautiful first true flagship from Sony, the Xperia Z1, and also did a few quick comparisons of the hottest phones of the day. More below!

And for those of you short on time, check out our Epic Mega IFA Berlin roundup from day one.

Live from Berlin!

Sony Xperia Z1 is the flagship we’ve been waiting for

If pictures are worth a thousand words and videos worth a million, then I’ll leave it up to Josh and the richest medium we have available to share what we see on the ground at IFA Berlin, 2013.

Sony Xperia Z1 Hands On

With legendary photo capturing capabilities, a vibrant and industry leading 1080p 5 inch display, and insane Snapdragon 800 processing under the hood, it looks like Sony has finally listened. The question that remains is this – will they actually be able to get this amazing device into the hands of consumers? Do you want one? Let us (and Sony) know!

Sony Xperia Z1 vs Samsung Galaxy S4

Sony Xperia Z1 vs HTCOne: Quick Look

If you want to see all of our Xperia Z1 coverage, check here.

Sony Xperia Z1 Gallery

As more and more manufacturer seek to define themselves in ways they are most capable, and in areas they most excel, we are likely to see more novel ideas brought to the table. One such example is the Galaxy Gear. Another fine example are Sony’s WiFi/NFC capable, stand alone QX lenses. Let’s see them more closely, shall we?

Sony QX Lenses Hands On 

Sony’s QX100 is the flagship of the bunch, and comes equipped with a 20-megapixel camera and an f/1.8–4.9 aperture. For the photographers amongst us, these are delightful specifications.  The QX10, priced at$249.99, has an 18-megapixel sensor, and an f/3.3–5.9 aperture. In terms of the lens, the QX100 is the more robust of the two. Featuring a Carl Zeiss lens with a 10.4 to 37.1mm focal length, it will be much better at capturing low light shots. The QX10, on the other hand, features a standard (yet still excellent) Sony G lens with a 4.45 to 44.5mm focal length.

Sony QX Lenses Gallery

 LG G Pad!

Secretly, I loved the iPad mini when it came out. The thin bezels, and the build quality of it left me frustrated. Why was there no reasonable equivalent in the Android ecosystem? Let’s face it, using iOS almost causes brain damage, and should be avoided at all costs (for some). Bringing us back to the G Pad, it looks like LG has been listening, and have put a lot of thought and hard work into their brand new G Pad. With its incredible 1900×1200 8.3 inch display and powerful Snapdragon 600 processor, it looks like LG is taking the tablet business seriously. We’ll be digging a lot deeper for all of you on the G Pad tomorrow, but here’s everything we have right now.

With its thin bezel and bright, high resolution display, the LG G Pad is one compelling piece of hardware. Critics in the industry say that tablets are starting to look like phones, and phone are starting to look like tablets, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

LG G Pad Hands on gallery

If you don’t think that’s one sexy looking tablet, then I don’t know if you can be helped. Of course anyone that loves mobile technology wants to know LG’s plans for offering expedient updates right? We’ll find out, and have reached out to them for comment. And we’ll be comparing the Nexus 7 and iPad mini for you in the next several hours, too.

As always, we’re working around the clock to deliver you the finest Android focused, mobile technology coverage out there. Let us know how we’re doing, and what you think of the Sony Xperia Z1, the Galaxy Note 3, the LG G Pad, and more!

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