You all might have heard of a little show that happens every January, where about 120,000 people gather to play with some new toys, also known as new mobile devices. The 2012 International CES is in Las Vegas and we will be covering the event to no end, so you can look forward to lots of coverage from the Android Authority team.

For those of you attending CES this year, you will want to download the official CES app from the Android Market, and probably bring a few extra batteries for your Android phone. Be sure to build up your sleep before leaving for CES in about a week, because you’ll be to excited to sleep if you’re a big geek like all of us here at Android Authority.

Check out the source link below for the download link, it is a free app. We will see you at the Las Vegas Convention Center, January 10-13th, we look forward to seeing what will be making it’s way to Android, and what our competitors will be bringing to the table this year.