The month of September welcomes another Samsung device on AT&T to the realm of Ice Cream Sandwich. After the official ICS update for the Samsung Captive Glide was promised five long months ago, it is finally being pushed out to eager owners of the slider phone.

Don’t bother checking your phone for the update notification, as AT&T and Samsung have opted not to take the OTA route. To upgrade your phone to ICS, you will have to use Kies PC companion software to download and install the new firmware to your Captivate Glide. You can get more information about that right here.

Just a word of caution, several users have reported losing the keyboard backlight on their phone after installing the update. But a fix has been found that doesn’t involve rooting the phone. If case you’re facing the same problem, here’s the link to the post at XDA.

It would have been ideal for the cold treat to come during the hot summer days, but it beats not getting the update at all. Enjoy your hopefully bug-free ICS update and, as always, let us know how it goes!