[Update] As to indicate that all Android 5 rumors should be taken as rumors, Digitimes has just issued another report that contradicts the report quoted in this article. According to other “industry sources“, Android 5 should come in May or June. Hmm, what to believe?

Folks, you can put those jellybean jars back in your kitchen cabinet for now. According to anonymous (aren’t they always?) industry sources, Android (5.0) Jellybean, the successor to Android 4.0, will not be arriving to any device until the third quarter of 2012.

In lieu of Jellybean, Digitimes’ sources predict that Ice Cream Sandwich will flex its muscles over the next months. In the mid to high-end market, established manufacturers like HTC, Samsung, and Sony will release more smartphones running ICS. At the other end of the spectrum, smartphone manufacturers from China are forecasted to flood the market with ICS devices, powered by MediaTek and Qualcomm chips. Of course, the ICS updates to older devices are expected to gain steam over the coming months.

Looking at the Android platform distribution chart for the week ending March 5, among all Android devices worldwide, only 1.6% are running Ice Cream Sandwich, while Gingerbread is still the dominant Android platform with 62% market share. So, ICS has a lot of ground to cover, no matter how you look at it.

Back to Jellybean. Google’s VP of Mobile Engineering, Hiroshi Lockheimer, was quoted saying that Jellybean will follow the release pattern of previous Android platforms. So we can expect an announcement in Q3 with a release date in November. The fact that Microsoft is preparing to attack the market with Windows 8 tablets around October can still change the whole course of the game. Google is determined to make Jellybean a worthy adversary to this new threat, by optimizing its use on the tablet and laptop form factors.

As for the manufacturer that will produce the first Jellybean device, Asus and HTC are still duking it out, although we are inclined to believe that Asus will get the title.

What do you think? Should Google be announcing a new flavor of Android so early?