ipv6 t-mobile galaxy s2
As of yesterday, T-Mobile started pushing the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update to all T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 devices in the US. Although it’s not exactly the best known and most looked-after feature in Ice Cream Sandwich, it turns out that the update also turns the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 into the first iPv6 compatible T-Mo branded smartphone. Unlocked versions of Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Samsung Nexus S (both running ICS) have been compatible with T-Mobile’s new IPv6 network for a while now, but these are not officially T-Mobile devices in the pure sense of it.

To enable iPv6 on your T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2, go to Settings -> More… -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names -> T-Mobile US -> APN protocol -> IPv6 -> Press menu key -> Save. All you need to do next is restart your smartphone and you’re done. Once you’ve switched to T-Mobile’s iPv6 network, you’ll be able to switch back to iPv4 using the same steps as above, except for choosing iPv4 instead of iPv6.

While iPv6 does not bring any new features, the transition from iPv4 to the new standard will be made by all Internet operators, since the 4.3 billion addresses allowed by the iPv4 standard are almost depleted. The new standard, iPv6 allows for 340 trillion trillion trillion addresses. Obviously, this huge number of addresses is deemed enough for the foreseeable future.

Here’s a Google video in which the Grandfather of the Internet explains why the shift towards iPv6 is imminent: