Recently, Sony Ericsson said on its Netherlands Division Facebook page that 2011 Android devices will get Ice Cream Sandwich. That’s something worth looking forward to for owners of the Xperia line (Ray, Play, Play 4G, Arc and Arc S), which will most probably be the first ones to get the upgrade.

Should Sony Ericsson seriously push through with this, it’ll go a long way with reassuring their users that their devices can support higher OS versions, as well as increasing their chances of being at par and even overtaking their competitors in the smartphone industry.

However, the company hasn’t really been known for its smooth OS transitions. Many users still remember the delay in Froyo handset upgrades late last year, making them lag behind other industry players such as Motorola.

As of now there is no official statement or press release regarding the Ice Cream Sandwich update. We checked the Netherlands Division Facebook page, and unless there is a glitch in our computers, it seems currently inaccessible. Alternatively we found another post – this time on their UK Division page – saying that the next sure update for the Xperia line would be Android 2.3.4, and as Android 4.0 has only been recently announced, there is still no confirmation regarding update availability and dates.

Our advice? Sit tight, relax, and don’t get too overly excited just yet. You might want to get a bit comfortable as well, as Android 4.0 may be coming, but probably not any time soon.

Via: ITProportal, CNET, Engadget