With the CES 2012 just a few days away, the number of people waiting to see Google’s latest delicious offering, the Ice Cream Sandwich, is rapidly increasing. As the day draws nearer, people are getting more excited to find the latest OS on new devices. Considering that the total number of Android devices that the ICS is currently active (0.6%), many are looking forward to an increase after CES 2012 on January 10. Especially since recent news have shared that Android Market activated 200 million devices in November, this can only be expected.

Compared with the other older versions, ICS has not turned into a big hit yet. But within the next few months, this might change direction—especially with Android users still waiting for an ICS upgrade for their devices, which won’t be fully operational until the first three to six months of the year. Moreover, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the very first ICS device, made its U.S. launch just last month. But with CES drawing closer, we can only expect that the OS will be appearing on more devices. Another cause of the delay is the source code for the OS, which was only made available last November. So any manufacturer who had not close ties with Google only got hold of the OS recently.

Until ICS makes a full debut, the most popular OS is still Gingerbread (2.3). Despite being released in December 2010, it is still present in 55.5% of all Android units. Next to this is Froyo having 30.4% and Honeycomb having 3.3% on all Android units.

If you’re looking forward to getting the upgrade on your phone, you have to make sure that it is compatible first. Click here to find out if your phone is upgradable to the latest Android OS.

Christine Torralba
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