CPUs are the heart and soul of our current tech devices. They provide a lot in terms of processing power and getting things running. Most CPUs just work – however, to truly get the maximum out of a CPU, it’s got to be designed from the ground up to fit the operating system.

Which is why it’s a bit of good news that Texas Instruments and Google are collaborating on making chips for Android’s next iteration, Ice Cream Sandwich – which is aimed at both smart phones and tablets.

Texas Instruments maybe better known for making scientific calculators, but the Texas-based company has been working in the processor field for creating some decent chips. They’ve actually been contributing to the Android phone boom by helping with Motorola’s Droid series. However, their experience in tablets is almost nil, with the market domination of Nvidia’s Tegra CPUs. This will change when Ice Cream Sandwich comes out – which will be optimized to work both on phones and tablets.

Coming out in the fourth quarter of this year, Ice Cream Sandwich will be running at its maximum efficiency by detecting the device running it and adjusting itself appropriately. TI will be a big part of this move and they’ve already released a bit of info on the CPUs to be released.

Texas Instruments will release two dual-core CPUs for Ice Cream Sandwich, the 4460 and 4470. Of the two the 4470 is the more interesting. This is because it’s faster than the 4460 by 20 percent and is clocked at 1.8 GHz and supports faster memory and integrates a PowerVR SGX544 graphics processing unit (GPU) – which is rated at double the performance of current SGX540 which is found in current CPUs.

You can just imagine how that will run on your tablet or phone. This is good news and we hope to see more TI chips for Android in 2012

Source: Cnet

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