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Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich web browser engagement surpasses the iPhone

January 22, 2013
Ice Cream Sandwich
The battle between Android and iOS is ever raging. Since there are seemingly countless ways to measure operating systems, the battle could rage on until one of them literally dies. One study conducted by Tech Thoughts’ Sameer Singh has gone through the painstaking measures of calculating web browser engagement. As it turns out, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich actually has higher web browser engagement than the iPhone does.

It’s important to precipice this by stating that this is just smartphones. The tablet engagement is an entirely different animal and one that has very different results. So, for the purposes of this study, tablet stats were not included.

The study shows that as of November, there is more web browser engagement in Android Ice Cream Sandwich than on all iPhones. This is pretty significant because this is only for one variant of Android. This doesn’t factor in the others. The point of the study is to show that users on Ice Cream Sandwich interact with content in browsers more than iPhone users do.

Ice Cream Sandwich has better engagement. What does this mean exactly?

In order to understand what’s going on, let’s take a look at what’s being said. Eric Peterson defines web browser engagement as, “an estimate of the degree and depth of visitor interaction on the site against a clearly defined set of goals.” In layman’s terms, it’s essentially a measure of how much people interact with websites in a browser.

For instance, if you just go to Twitter’s home page and leave, your browser engagement is low. If you go to Twitter, send a few tweets, then follow some people, then your engagement is significantly higher. So just opening the web browser isn’t what is driving these numbers.

Essentially, this means that Ice Cream Sandwich phone owners browse the web with more depth than iPhone owners do. This is significant because this is a statistic that the iPhone has owned for a long time. Now, preliminary results show Ice Cream Sandwich alone pulling ahead of iPhones. With more in depth analysis, it can be said for sure that, at least, the gap between the two platforms is now non-existent.

To see the full study, you can find it here. While it is rather technical, it’s definitely interesting. Is this yet another piece of evidence that the iPhone is on its way out, or is it just Android browsers improving?