Hyundai and its 32.8% owned subsidiary Kia will be the world’s first automakers to include an Android-based navigation system in their future car models, South Korean media reports.

Dubbed as an Android AVN – audio video navigation – system, the technology will help the two South Korean car makers deploy the first Android-based “smart” cars in various markets, starting with the new Hyundai Genesis and Kia Soul that will be launched later this year.

The Android AVN system will also be available in all new cars that will be released next year, either as a pre-installed choice or as a later upgrade.

The Android navigation system will let users connect their Android smartphones and tablets to the car, offer access to its own application store, and support entertainment features. It’s not clear though whether Google Play Store support is also included.

Interestingly, the Android AVN system will also offer car owners a “new telematics function that can remotely control the car through the Wi-Fi and modem connection.” However, it’s not exactly clear what the remote controlling feature entails.

Certain automakers already advertise iOS integration for some of their latest creations, so it’s certainly interesting to see others look to the Android ecosystem to deliver car-related smart features. We’ll be back with more details about Hyundai’s and Kia’s Android-related plans in the future.

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