Merry Christmas folks! Did you find a shiny new Android device under the tree? If so, you don’t want it ever running out of juice, and you can eliminate that problem with a two-pack of HyperCharger X Wireless Chargers. For a couple of days, they’re under $30 with our promo code.

The HyperCharger X is more than just a traditional power bank. It packs 7.5W Qi wireless charging so you could recharge your watch or your earbuds too. With a capacity of 6,000mAh, you could fully charge a Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy Watch Active 2, and Galaxy Buds all from 0%.

If you only like award-winning tech, the HyperCharger X took home a Best of Innovation award at CES 2018. It’s only about the size of an iPhone X, so you can easily fit it in any pocket or bag. Another handy feature of being a wireless charger is that you can charge your phone and your charger at the same time.

HyperCharger X at a glance:

  • Ultra-thin wireless charger around the size of an iPhone X
  • Doubles as a 7.5W wireless charging pad
  • Works as a traditional power bank with a universal USB charging port
  • Safely charges your device with hardware and firmware protection circuitry

The HyperCharger X two-pack has a retail value of $60, but you can get it for just $29.74 right now. Just make sure to use the promo code MERRYSAVE15 at the Tech Deals checkout.

The promo code expires in the next 48 hours, so make sure that you hit the widget below to get your power banks while you can.

$29 .74
HyperCharger X Two-pack Use offer code: MERRYSAVE15
Save $30 .26
Buy it Now
HyperCharger X Two-pack Buy it Now
Save $30 .26 $29 .74
Use offer code: MERRYSAVE15

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