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Deal: Save 50% on the HyperCharger Pro

Supercharge your battery life with an 8,000mAh HyperCharger Pro. You can fast-charge three devices at once for just $24.99.
February 3, 2020
hypercharger pro

Phone batteries never seem to last quite long enough if you’re a power user. You might find yourself halfway through your day rushing around for a charger and an outlet. If that sounds like you, or you just need an upgrade, you can get the HyperCharger Pro for 50% off right now on Tech Deals.

Whether you’re an Android user or team iPhone, you can fast-charge your phone with 25W of power. The HyperCharger Pro has a built-in lightning cable and a micro-USB with a USB-C attachment. In addition, you can charge a third device with the extra USB port,

Maximize your battery life with an 8,000mAh capacity.

You might be worried that charging three devices at one time will burn right through your battery capacity. Not to worry though, as the HyperCharger Pro has a capacity of 8,000mAh. That should be more than enough to recharge your phone along with a pair of Bluetooth headphones and a smartwatch.

If you live for adventure and you need a battery that can keep up, the HyperCharger Pro should do the trick too. It’s only about the size of a cellphone so you should be able to fit it in a pocket or your backpack with ease. With a weight of just five ounces, you might even forget that it’s there.

The HyperCharger Pro at a glance:

  • Power-up three devices at once with the micro-USB, Lightning cable, and extra USB port.
  • Deliver fast charging with an 8,000mAh capacity and 25W of power.
  • Charge your gadgets on-the-go thanks to its portable size and light weight.

The HyperCharger Pro has a retail value of $50 but you can save big on Tech Deals. It’s 50% off right now, making this powerful charger just $24.99.

Inventory is dropping so the deal may end soon. Hit the widget below to check it out.

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