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Optimize your photo lighting with Hydra Pro HDR Editor for only $20

Hydra Pro is one of the top HDR-editing tools for Mac users, solving exposure issues to improve your photos.
July 25, 2019

Cameras often struggle to represent the full dynamic range of light in a scene. If you sometimes find your photos are either too dark or too bright, check out Hydra Pro HDR Editor for Mac.

This software is one of the top choices by Mac users when it comes to achieving the perfect lighting on any image. Right now there’s a promotion knocking 60 percent off its usual retail price.

Hydra Pro solves poor lighting issues in photos by blending multiple images with different exposure settings together. This draws out the lost shadows and lifts the dimness, producing a natural image closer to what the human eyes perceive.

Hydra Pro HDR Editor For Mac Comparison

The latest version of Hydra Pro has been optimized for the most up to date macOS enhancements and brings native Metal support for superior performance. That means your rendering speed is not only much faster, but accurate as well.

On top of that, Hydra Pro has also updated its user interface with a more modern and straightforward design. Experienced users can still fine-tune their images with advanced editing tools, while amateur can create stunning photos with the basics.

Hydra Pro HDR Editor at a glance:

  • Advanced comparison tool of results against original pictures
  • Single or multiple input photos of various formats
  • Blazing fast rendering to various output file types
  • Accurate color processing, including support for the latest Mac displays
  • Manual and automatic image alignment and real-time tone mapping
  • Elegant and easy-to-use translucent user interface

Hydro Pro HDR Editor was already reasonably priced at $50, but during this promotion, it’s now available for just $19.99.

This deal will end sometime this week, so check it out before it’s gone. Hit the button below to begin.

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