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Humble Mobile Bundle 6 is out - give to charity, get Android games in return

The Humble Mobile Bundle 6 is out, pay what you will for six Android games including Threes, Combo Crew, Joe Dever's Lonewolf and making its Android debut, Duet.
August 5, 2014
Humble Mobile Bundle 6 Humble Bundle

Everyone’s favorite ‘pay what you want’ service is headed back to mobile again, Humble Mobile Bundle 6 is now live and taking your orders. You decide what to pay, and who gets the money, to take home six DRM-free Android games and their matching soundtracks.

Humble Mobile Bundle 6 is a serious OCD play on numbers, whether intended or not. Leading with the popular puzzle game Threes, this bundle is split into groups of three itself. You know there will be more games coming later, but for now here is the lineup.

Pay any price to get your hands on

Then, if you decide to pay more than the average price, you gain access to

Threes has been out for a while, but you may be more familiar with 2048, it’s OK, we won’t tell. Duet Premium, on the other hand, is making its debut on Android. Duet is a simple little game in which you control two orbs on a rotating ring. Your job is to avoid contact between the orbs and incoming objects, which is easier said than done.

Combo Crew Humble Mobile Bundle 6

Combo Crew is a nifty little fighter, just a little hack and slash rumble in the streets with a focus on, as the name implies, attacking your enemies by swiping away combos. Personally, I am looking forward to Mines of Mars, not so much for the game as described, but I am a huge fan of what developer Crescent Moon Games did with Aralon and especially Ravensword: Shadowlands.

Although it is never a guarantee, this time around the folks at Humble Bundle have listed that a surprise set of a few bonus games is coming in the latter half of this sale. Although Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf promises a somewhat premium gaming experience, we are eager to see what additions are to be had. Who knows, maybe it will be another group of three.

Head on over to Humble Bundle to check out the selection of games in Humble Mobile Bundle 6.

What do you think, I mean, the price is worth it, but have you been looking forward to adding any of these games to your library?