Update: While Humble Bundle 4 was already a great deal, it’s getting even better now that they’ve added on three more titles: OLO, Color Sheep and Gunslugs. To get the three add-on games alongside the original seven, you simply need to pay above the average price — currently at $3.70.

Keep in mind that those who already purchased the bundle can simply go back and increase the amount paid in order to get the extra games. Just keep in mind that the Humble Bundle 4 is only on sale until March 18th.

Original: The Humble Mobile Bundle 4 has now arrived, once again bringing us a way to get our hands on some great games for basically whatever price we feel like paying.

If you are new to the Humble Bundle, the idea is that you can choose to pay any price and get four games.  In order to get extra two ‘bonus’ games, you’ll need to pay above the average donation price that others have given — which currently sits at $3.46. The money can even be split whatever way you like: with some going to charity, some as a tip to the Humble Bundle site and some going to the developers.

So what games are on offer this time around? For any donation price you get the following:

  • Catan
  • Vector
  • Riptide GP2
  • Zombie Gunship

Pay above the average asking price and you’ll also get Badland Premium and Breach & Clear.

At under $4, the bundle is more than worth the asking price. To put the value into perspective, Riptide GP2 costs $3 through the Play Store and Catan is $4. Not to mention the value of the other games on the list. To grab the latest Humble Bundle titles for yourself, you’ll want to head over to their website and make a donation now!

What do you think of the latest Humble Bundle, which games are you most interested in?

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