Humble Mobile Bundle 16

The most recent KEMCO-themed Humble Bundle from mid-October brought a handful of great JRPGs to your Android device for a low price point. If you were looking for a little more variety, though, perhaps the latest Humble Bundle will do the trick. In the new Humble Mobile Bundle 16, you can grab six premium Android titles for an extremely low price point. Normally all of these games combined, if purchased separately from the Play Store, would cost around $54, but today you can get them for just over $4!

This is a two-tier bundle, so you’ll be able to pay just $1 to download the first three games, or you’ll need to beat the average price to get access to all six of these games. If you pay just $1, you’ll get:

  • Outwitters (Humble Edition)
  • Block Legend
  • Rocket ROBO

Want all six titles? You’ll need to beat the average donation price (currently sitting at $4.17). Here’s what you’ll get if you beat the average:

  • Ys Chronicles 1
  • Space Marshals
  • ALONE…

All of these games are DRM-free, and you can even choose where your money goes – between the developers and two charitable causes (Direct Relief and Worldreader). If you’re interested in picking up these great games for yourself, head on over to the source link attached below to get started.

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