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Humble Mobile Bundle 13 updated with Jump'N'Shoot Attack and PUK

The Humble Bundle team has just added Jump'N'Shoot Attack and PUK to the Humble Mobile Bundle 13!
June 8, 2015
Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 3.28.59 PM

Just one week ago, we told you about the Humble Mobile Bundle 13 that featured six great games for a super cheap price point. You still have a chance to take advantage of this deal, but now the Humble Bundle team has added PUK and Jump’N’Shoot Attack to the list of titles. If you’ve never heard of these games, PUK is a fast-paced puzzler that features simplistic graphics and addictive gameplay, and Jump’N’Shoot Attack is a retro arcade game that’s perfect for the nostalgic gamer.

All six of the previous titles are still available in the Bundle, and it’s very easy to download them. Paying whatever amount of money you want will get you access to Timelines: Assault on America (Premium), The Ministry of Silly Walks and Hellraid: The Escape. If you choose to beat the average price (currently $3.21), you’ll be able to download Puzzle Retreat, Worms 3, Twisty Hollow, as well as the two new titles. If you’ve already purchased this group of games, head to the source link below to grab the two new games for no extra charge.

Buying all of these games separately would cost around $28, so this is quite the steal. Be sure to head to the source link below if you’re interested.