The latest Humble Bundle has just been announced, once again bringing us a number of awesome titles for a small price tag. Split up into two pricing tiers this time around, Humble Mobile Bundle 12 features Monument Valley, one of the 70 best Android games on the market, Joe Danger, the recently-released daredevil side-scroller, and four other great titles.

If you’d like to pay whatever amount of money you’d like, you’ll get your hands on these three games:

  • The Last Express
  • Spaceteam (Premium)
  • Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous

To get the next three games, you’ll need to beat the average price (currently $3.67):

  • Monument Valley
  • Blek
  • Joe Danger

If purchased separately, these six titles would cost a total of $34, so this is quite the steal. As always, more games will be added within the next week and you can decide how your purchase is divided between the game developers, the Humble Bundle team, and two charities – Worldreader and Electronic Frontier Foundation. All games being offered are DRM-free, as well.

If you’re interested in checking out the bundle, head to the source link below.

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