The Humble Bundle for Android has returned, along with five new indie games for a good cause. Many of these games are making their Android debut, including Crayon Physics Deluxe and Sword and Sworcery.

The Humble Bundle for Android provides hours of quality gaming, and you pay as little or as much as you want. As always, the proceeds can benefit either the game developers, or charities, or both. The games themselves are DRM free on Android, and come with Steam keys should you wish to play these titles on your PC. Throw in award winning games like Machinarium and Sword and Sworcery, and you have quite an impressive package. I should note that if you want Machinarium, you’re going to beat the average price, which is currently $5.80, a bargain for such a quality collection of titles.

Should you decide to purchase Humble Bundle 4, be sure to head into your device’s settings, and allow the installation of applications from unknown sources, as the games are downloaded directly to the device without Google Play.


Nicholas Moore

Nicholas Moore is a freelance writer obsessed with the Android platform. When not covering the news Nick spends his time studying Information Technology.