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With one week to go the Humble Bundle for Android 3 adds four more games

August 23, 2012

With just one week to go the Humble Bundle team have added another four games to the Humble Bundle for Android 3. The four additional games, which originally appeared in the Humble Bundle for Android 1, are Anomaly: Warzone Earth, EDGE, Osmos, and World of Goo! This now means that the current bundle contains nine games (the original five games were: FieldRunners, SpaceChem, Uplink, Bit.Trip Beat, and Spirits). The bundle is truly cross platform and all the games work on Android, Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

So what is the price? And here is the beauty of this deal… You pay what you want! Anything from $1 to $400… but there is a minor catch – to get all the games (including the four extra games and the bonus game Spirits) you need to pay more than the average price which is currently around $6.50. So, for $6.50 you get nine DRM free games which you can download for each platform. That is a cool deal. I downloaded my bundle earlier today (and yes, I did pay more than the average!)

The extra games are awesome:

  • Anomaly: Warzone Earth – This is a tower offense game. Unlike a tower defense game, this time you control the attacking force and fight your way through, against the destructive towers of an alien horde. The graphics are stunning and the game has won several awards.
  • EDGE: This puzzle-platformer challenges your skills as you push a Cube to freedom over 100 levels set in a geometric universe.
  • Osmos: You control an amoeba like creature  which you must grow by absorbing other amoeba like creatures… but to propel yourself you must eject matter behind you, causing you to shrink. The game is set in a universe of floating playgrounds, competitive petri dishes and deep solar systems!
  • World of Goo: This game doesn’t really need any introduction, but in case you don’t know… You need to build structures (being as creative as you can) using goo balls so that the rest of the goo can escape…  Sounds simple, but it is challenging. This game is a true indie classic.

But there is more! The amount you choose to spend can be split three ways between the developers, two charity organizations and the Humble Bundle team (which pays for the bandwidth and development of these promotions). The two charities are The Electronic Frontier Foundation (a non-profit organization that is made up of  tech-savvy attorneys and activists striving to  protect privacy and freedom of  expression online) and  The Child’s Play Charity (which provides video games for sick children in hospitals).

On top of all that you also get to download the music from these games in MP3 format! For those who have already purchased the bundle, the four new games have been added for free to your Humble Bundle download page.

Here is a video from the original Humble Bundle for Android which demos the four new games: