Humble Bundle 10 PC/Android bundle has arrived, bringing us several great cross-platform games: Symphony, Draw a Stickman: EPIC, Galcon Legends, Metal Slug 3, Skulls of the Shogun, Fieldrunners 2 and Breach & Clear.

For those not familiar with Humble Bundle, basically this is a great way to get some solid games cheaply, while also giving to charity. The money you ‘donate’ is split between the developers, the Humble Bundle site and a charity. You can also decide how of your much donation goes to each of these three categories, if you prefer.

You can pay whatever you want, though if you pay below the average donation price you only get the first three games on the list. That means you’ll need to pay at least $4.81 (at time of this writing) to get all the games, but this is really an excellent price when you consider you get both Android and PC versions of each game.

As the weeks go by sometimes bonus games show up for those that paid the average price as well. What do you think of this latest bundle, plan on picking it up?

Andrew Grush
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