Another big piece of the streaming content puzzle has fallen into place for Chromecast, as Hulu has announced they are “actively working” to support our favorite new media streamer. While Hulu told Variety they were “constantly innovating to provide our users with access to their favorite TV shows anytime, anywhere, on any device”, representative Meredith Kendall also noted the functionality was specific to Hulu Plus subscribers.

Hulu has famously frozen Google out before, choosing not to support the Google TV platform. There were several hacks and workarounds that garnered mixed success, but no official blessing was ever given by Hulu for the streaming box.

If Hulu Plus gets Chromecast functionality, the app should get an update.

The Hulu Plus Android app has many one-star reviews, noting some content is only available in the browser. If Hulu Plus gets Chromecast functionality, the app should get an update. An issue like that would probably lose them subscribers, and could keep many more away.

Hulu isn’t concerned with the Chrome extension for Chromecast, as it simply broadcasts the browser tab. Choosing to find media elsewhere due to convenience is a different beast altogether, especially when many of your competitors are jumping onto the platform.

HBO is also working on Chromecast functionality, and is probably the closest thing to Hulu Plus. If a subscription service from both of these two work out, it would be great for the biggest player in media streaming to find a way to Chromecast. Amazon has remained quiet regarding Google’s new product, but they’re probably watching intently.