When you think American football, you usually envision the green fields of the stadium filled with grunting, groaning, heavily muscled men. A popular sport, but it can be a bit difficult to get into when you’re not exactly the prime target for it. Mostly it’s because of the intensely physical aspect of it – the smashing bodies, the titanic struggles on the field.

Well, here’s one way of getting into it. Whenever football season comes around, it’s also time for fantasy football leagues to start up. If you haven’t heard of it yet – which is difficult to imagine – fantasy football is where you essentially manage a team: drafting, trading, adding/dropping players, and changing rosters. All the players’ statistics however are based on real-world stats. This means the better his number in real-life, the better he performs in your team. It’s essentially a statistics fest – and that should get even the geekiest guy into the spirit of things.

There are quite a few ways to get into a fantasy football league, but NFL.com has just unleashed a prime app for it. The official 2011 NFL.com Fantasy Football App is now released – which means you get to manage your teams from anywhere.


So what can it do? Well, everything that you need to get a fantasy football league running. Here’s a short list of features:

  • Join or create a league for play
  • Check on fantasy scoring – in real-time
  • Sit/Start and Add/Drop players from your teams and leagues
  • Propose and accept trades in your leagues
  • Be up-to-date on player performance and news
  • Participate in multiple leagues

All of this for the prime price of zero dollars. Just head on over to the Android Market and get ready to hit the astroturf.

Source: Android Guys