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HUAWEI Watch unboxing and initial impressions

Plenty of Android Wear devices come through our channel, but we have been waiting for a very specific one to reach our hands (or wrists). Yes, I am talking about the HUAWEI Watch.

Published onSeptember 24, 2015

Plenty of Android Wear devices come through our labs, but we have been waiting for a very specific one to reach our hands (or wrists) lately. Yes, I am talking about the HUAWEI Watch. It has just reached my doorstep and I am ready to give you an unboxing, as well as my very first impressions on this fancy smartwatch. Shall we dig right in?

Packaging matters

HUAWEI is not releasing your average watch here. This device is expected to go above the casual standards of technology and offer a high-class experience that very few competitors have accomplished. You only need to take a look at the HUAWEI Watch’s packaging to realize this much. Not only is the outside case very pleasing, but opening up the case is a very luxurious affair.

huawei watch unboxing aa (5 of 26)

Opening up this box reveals the watch and its shiny sapphire crystal front right away. There’s a couple nubs on the sides, which will ease the struggles of lifting the internal leather cover, in order to get to the rest of the accessories. The fancy crystal is not the only beautiful part of the watch – this unit has a leather strap. which is also really nice, and the metal casing really makes the smart watch stand out.

What else is in the box?

Under the leather cover we can find your usual device literature, as well as the charging disc, a wall plug and a cable (which does happen to be proprietary). I have to accept this is a bit of a turn-off, as using any USB cable will not be a possibility.

huawei watch unboxing aa (6 of 26)

This means that once this cable goes bad, or gets lost, you will have to buy a replacement from HUAWEI before you can get charging again. Not to mention, it’s a bit annoying to have to remember to bring a specific charger with you whenever you will be away from home for an extended period of time. Battery life is expected to average at about 1.5 days, so you will pretty much need to charge the HUAWEI Watch every night.

Pairing & hardware

Once you start playing around with the watch you will notice the experience goes right in line with other Android Wear products. Pairing the device to a smartphone is as simple as powering up the gadget and entering a simple code on your phone.

huawei watch unboxing aa (26 of 26)

Now, what really caught my eye is the screen on this thing. This circular AMOLED panel has a stunning resolution of 400x400p. Underneath this display we can find a Snapdragon processor, 0.5 GB of RAM and 4 GB of internal storage.


Let’s jump right into the comfort factor, though. After all, you will be wearing this thing at all times, making this an important matter to consider. I will tell you the device does come with a bit of heft to it. Sure, it’s not really heavy or weigh you down in any form, but you will certainly feel it. Otherwise, the band is soft and the watch wraps well around the wrist.

huawei watch unboxing aa (14 of 26)


Once you move into the software you will notice the experience is very similar to that of other Android Wear watches. The only major change is that HUAWEI has included a plethora of watch faces… they are actually over 40!

huawei watch unboxing aa (25 of 26)


Wrapping up

Just keep in mind this happens to be one of the lower-end HUAWEI Watch versions. There will be a bevy of variants, made of different materials. This will include other finishes, and even precious ones like gold. Keep it tuned to Android Authority to learn more about the HUAWEI Watch. By the way, we just got done unboxing the Moto 360 2nd-gen, so you will definitely see a comparison between these two, as well as both reviews.

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